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UNIFORM-SUPPLY.COM is a sub-brand of HYPER engine. Started in 1997, HYPER engine is a high quality clothing supply manufacturer headquartered in Hong Kong. Throughout our work with various fashion brands, we gained access to the most technically advanced fabric and labour markets in the world. With developed cutting edge production techniques alongside a strong skill set, our team focused on improving garment quality and safety. All of our fabrics and clothings have been rigorously tested and are free from any carcinogenic dyes, meeting the GTT GB18401-2010 standards.
In 2010, our collaborations with blue-chip companies, hospitals, public and private schools marked the start of our expansion into the uniform industry. With past fashion experiences, we are able to introduce new elements to the standard production approach and apply the quality required in fashion production to uniform production.
During the process, we discovered the inconvenience of traditional uniform stores. In hopes to transform the traditional uniform business industry, we launched our first e-commerce platform Schooluniform.hk in 2017. Our online uniform store allows us to provide convenient sales service, handle customer enquiries and is free from physical limitations. By providing both online and offline in-store sale services, we push for change in the traditional uniform business while preserving its essence. With this in mind, we prioritize consistency and durability of school uniforms production, as uniforms are a constant throughout a student’s life.
Our willingness to change and adapt, emphasis on exceptional customer service, persistence in upholding the tradition while embracing innovation, has motivated us to strive for continued improvement.